Piano lessons in Sheffield – FAQs

If you’re new to learning the piano or keyboard, you will almost certainly have a few questions! Here Lewis answers most of the common ones, but if you have any specific questions, please get in touch.

• What kind of lessons prepare me to learn to play by ear?

The basis of all music is classical music theory and to learn to play by ear, or by reading music, nothing prepares a person better than a classical programme.

• Do I need a real piano to take lessons?

No, you do need a weighted keyboard though, so it feels like a real piano. There are many reasonably priced electric pianos out on eBay etc.

• I’ve never played an instrument before; can I learn to play with no experience?

Yes, I have taught most of my students from scratch and I provide you with everything you need to begin learning to play the piano properly.

• How long will it take me to learn to play the piano?

That all depends on how much time you put into it. I tell all my students that “You get out of it what you put into it”. If you follow my instructions and do no more and no less that each week’s lessons, I guarantee you will begin playing music you never thought possible within a year.

• How much do I have to practice?

I suggest between 30-60 minutes each day, or as much as will fit comfortably into your schedule.

• How old does a child have to be to start piano lessons?

I suggest from 6 years and upwards.

• Is there any age that is too old to learn to play the piano?

The answer to that is NO! You are never too old to learn to play – check my videos for proof of that.

• Do you provide ABRSM preparation for exams?

Yes, I do. The ABRSM examiner has said that my students are some of the best prepared students to take the exams.

• Do you teach only classical lessons?

No, I can teach Jazz, Pop Rock, Blues, Songwriting, Performance and Country music as well, but as I’ve said above, it all begins with the fundamentals which are contained in a classical music approach to learning.

• How many times a month should I have lessons?

I suggest once a week, but once every two weeks is possible as well.

• Are the lessons times flexible?

Yes, as everyone has a busy schedule, I go week by week and we put a lesson in the diary following every lesson. It’s preferable to try and stick to a day and time but I appreciate that things change so I try to be as flexible as possible.

• Do you teach on the weekends?

Yes, I can accommodate that if necessary.

• How late do you do lessons?

I can teach at almost any time within reason.

• How will I remember how the piece I’m learning is supposed to sound?

At the end of every lesson, I will video record the piece you are learning on your phone so you can refer to it during your practice sessions. Then you can send me a video of you playing it which I will critique and give you suggestions on how to improve it.

• How much Is an electric piano?

I can help you find something that will work, and it doesn’t have to be pricey. I’ve found numerous keyboards for about £150-200.

• Can you teach effectively online?

Yes, I have had numerous students who live all over the country and some I’ve never met in person. All of them are playing very well now.

• Do you do home visits?

I can, but it costs more and I’d prefer the students come to me. I have a place in Walkley Sheffield, and a studio in Attercliffe, if that’s more convenient.

• How do I pay for my lessons?

I prefer students pay after each lesson. Either a bank transfer or cash is fine.

• Can anyone play the piano?

Yes, if you are prepared to put some time into it. Learning anything new is always a challenge and an instrument is no different. But I’ve have taught hundreds of students over the last 10 years since I’ve been in the UK and I’m confident that with some effort anyone can learn to play.